Useful Forms

  • Pre-Authorized Payment Form

    This form is available for anyone who would like to transfer money into their account with St. Joseph's Credit Union from another institution. You may set up a recurring payment to go into your savings or chequing account weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or however you choose.
  • Stop Payment Order Form

    This form is available to those who would like to put a stop payment on their account for a cheque or pre-authorized payment. Please be sure to fax the form to 902-226-9855 or bring it into the branch. If you fax it in, please be sure to verify that it has been received and processed.
  • Government Direct Deposit

    This form is available to anyone who would like to put their pay from the government on Direct Deposit (this includes Child Tax Credit, Income tax returns, Old Age Security, Canada Pension and Veterans Affairs payments.)
  • MemberDirect Access

    This form is for anyone who would like to be added to MemberDirect so that they can access their accounts online through our secure Online Banking site.
  • EI Direct Deposit

    Get your Employment Insurance deposited into your St. Joseph's Credit Union account with this form.

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