Home and Auto

Are you a good driver and responsible homeowner? Our trusted partner CUMIS®  has a Home and Auto Insurance Program that offers exceptional coverage for you as well as a variety of extended coverage options.

Auto insurance protects you if your car is stolen or damaged as the result of an accident. In addition, our auto insurance takes care of expenses if you're involved in an accident including: medical treatment and care, possible legal costs, property damage and lost wages.

Home insurance shelters you from financial loss due to theft, unforeseen events and personal liability that may occur if someone is injured while visiting your home; it can also protect against liability for accidental damage to someone else's property.

By grouping your home and auto insurance together, we can offer you exceptional discounts.

We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and client service and that is why we offer our Claims Guarantee. The intent of this promise of service and commitment to fairness is to ensure that you feel comfortable contacting us when you have a potential claims situation.  You can discuss your options and get counseling without fear of consequences if you decide not to proceed. 

Benefits of the guarantee include:

  • 24-hour, 7-days-a-week claims service
  • No premium increases for client-paid claims
  • Free claims advocacy
  • Access to our claims appeal process
  • CustomerPerks
  • Preferred repair and replacement contractors with guaranteed service
  • Free additional advice and expertise for incidents that are not covered

* Some conditions apply. For details, please visit www.cumis.com

For more information, talk to your credit union or call CUMIS at 1.800.810.2847 and speak to a Licensed Insurance Representative.