Your Chequing 15

Transact a little. you only make a few transactions and want a low monthly fee. 

 Account Features

15 transactions for one monthly fee, including:

  • Cheques
  • Interac® Direct payment
  • Pre-authorized debit
  • Electronic Bill Payment
  • CU affiliated ATM networks (surcharge-free access to over 4000 AccuLink® and EXCHANGE® ATMs throughout Canada)
  • Inter-Credit Unon transactions (ICU)
  • E-Transfers
  • Deposit Anywhere®
  • In-branch transactions
  • Per item fee on excess of 15 transactions
  • Overdraft protection available based on approved credit, so you can avoid the inconvenience and cost of insufficient funds
Monthly Fees and Discounts:

$4.00 per month
Free for seniors (age 59+)
Monthly fees waived with a minimum monthly balance of $2,000