Interac Online

A simple and secure way to pay online.

Have you ever wanted to pay for an online purchase using your credit union account rather than using a credit card? Now you can with Interac® Online. At home, or on the go, with Interac® Online, gone are the days of complicated credit card forms and account registrations. This alternative payment method gives you the option to pay for online purchase directly from your credit union account. It’s the newest online payment method, and it’s fast, convenient, and secure.

 How Interac® Online works

  • Select Interac® Online at the online checkout. You will be directed to the secure Interac® gateway page.
  • Select your province and then select your “Credit Union” and you will be directed to your secure personal online banking login page.
  • Select the account you wish to use and confirm the transaction.
  • Then you are logged out and redirected to the retailer’s confirmation page.

 Benefit of using Interac® Online

  • It’s secure. No personal banking information is shared with the merchant or other third parties. The payment is completed through your secure banking session.
  • It’s convenient. There are no extra accounts to set up or passwords to remember. The transaction takes place in just a few clicks using available funds in your credit union account.

Find a Merchant

Interac Online is available at hundreds of merchants and more are being added all the time. 

Frequently asked questions

What is Interac® Online?
It’s a service that allows you to pay for online purchases from your credit union account. You can even pay your taxes with it.

Are there any fees to use it?
There are no additional fees. The cost is the same as a debit card transaction.

How do I use it?
When making a purchase online, the online checkout shows various options for payment. If Interac® Online is available it will be shown as a payment option. When you select Interac® Online, you will be directed to the Interac® Gateway page where you will select your province and then select your “Credit Union” from the financial institution options. (Tip: this is the same process as accepting an e-transfer). After selecting your credit union, you will be directed to your online banking page to sign in. Once you’ve logged in, you may choose the account from which you wish to make the payment.

Is it secure?
Yes, Interac® Online is secure. When processing your payment we do not share any of your personal financial information with the online retailer.

Who accepts Interac® Online?
Any participating online retail merchant. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) also accepts payments for taxes via Interac® Online. As well, some educational institutions accept Interac® Online for tuition payments. For a list of participating online merchants, click here:

Is my account debited immediately?
Yes. Interac® Online is just like using your debit card at the store; your account is debited as soon as the purchase is made.

Can my payment be stopped?
No, the payment cannot be stopped. If you find you have made a payment in error you will need to contact the online merchant and ask for a refund.

Can I make payments in any currency?
Payments can only be made in Canadian dollars.

Is there a payment limit?
Yes, the payment limit on your account applies. Most accounts allow a maximum amount of $1000 in transactions per day. 

How do I know whether my payment was completed successfully?
You will receive a confirmation screen when the payment is authorized. You will also see your transaction confirmed when you return to the online retailer’s website.