Direct Banking Alerts

Direct Banking Alerts

Online Banking Alerts

As digital banking usages continue to rise, staying in the know on all activities within your Online Banking account is crucial. By setting up Online Banking Alerts, you can receive automatic alerts by text or email when certain activities are recorded on your account. This will ensure you are the first to know of any suspicious activity or transactions that occur.

Contest Alert
Activate online banking alerts to be notified of any suspicious activity happening in your account. When you activate online banking alerts, you’ll be automatically entered to win $500! Log-in to Online Banking to activate the alerts you want using an email address or cellphone number

The following alerts are available to you as a member:

• Personal Access Code Changed
• New Payee Added
• Online Banking Account Locked out – Incorrect PAC
• Online Banking Account Locked out – Incorrect Answer to Security Question
• Online Login
• Interac® Online Payment Authorized
• Interac® e-Transfer Recipient Added
• New Message

If you are experiencing issues with Online Banking Alerts or have questions, please contact us.